The influence of planets on share market...

A guide to your investment in Share market.

(Classified as per your date of birth)

  Persons born between 21st Dec to 20th Feb. - are advised to invest in the field of Films, Music, Iron & steel, Minerals, Cement, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Leather, Automobiles, Rubber, Tyres, Chemicals and Medicines.

  Persons born between 21st Feb to 20th March   and  21st Nov to 20th Dec. -  are advised to Invest in the field of Telecom, Hotels, Tourism, Breweries, Arms & ammuniation, Tobacco, Consultancy, Health products, Insuarance, Engineering, Tourism & Hotels.

  Persons born between 21st Mar to 20th Apr.  and 21st Oct to 20th Nov. -  are advised to invest in  Mines & Minerals, Animals, Land & Property, Electricals, Fire related, Building & Architecture, Information Technology, Software development & Publishing.

  Persons born between 21st April to 20th May  and from 21st Sept to 20th Oct :-   are advised to invest in the field of Gold, Silver, Jewelery, Communication, Broker, Wines, Breweries, Mines, Diamond, Pearls, Cotton/ Cotton Mills, Clothes, Agriculture, Animals, Earthenware, Scents, Information Technology, Banking, Consultacny, Teaching, Paper industry & Tobacco.

  Persons born between 21st May to 21st June  and 21st August to 20th Sept -  are advised to invest in the fields of Banking, Aeronautics, Brokers, Shipping, Marketing, Hospitals, Web Designing.

  Persons born between 21st June to 20th July: - are advised to invest in the field of  Civil, Construction, Law, Rice mills, Milk products, Water or Sea related, Education, Money & Banking etc.

  Persons born between 21st July to 20th Aug - are advised to Invest in the field of Minerals, Metals, Spices, Sugar/ Sugar Mills, Accounts & Government Agencies etc.  



Very high quality, Spiritual Yantras, made as per your date of birth on a copper plate, to change your luck immediately in share market and also to solve your day to day problems. This yantra is a unique combination of TWO very powerful and effective spiritual yantras in it.  It not only increases your chances of success in Share market, but also removes the evil and unfavourable influence of planets from your life and also solves your money problem immediately.



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Other very powerful spiritual yantras, specially made as per your date of birth

(Yantra - A divine instrument, a spiritual device to help you  fulfill your wishes. A Yantra is made on a copper plate as per your date of birth and worshipped in a 6000 years old temple before sending it to you through Express Courier)

        Mahakali-Vashikaran yantra To attract some one you love or influence the mind of other person in your favour.

        Kuber-Bhairav yantra To gain an unlimited wealth and spiritual powers.

        Business yantra For the progress and expansion of your business.

        Batuk-Bagla Mukhi Yantra To win over your competitors in office or business. To defeat your Enemies. Very powerful and effective in court cases.

        Hanumatai-Bisa Yantra To protect you from Black Magic and evil forces.

        Maha-Mritunjaya Yantra For a healthy life and to cure the uncurable diseases.

        Vaastu-Ganesh Yantra A cure for all type of construction (Vaastu ) defects in your house without demolishing any thing  and to bring luck, peace and harmony in the house.


Important - Please note that we have actually tried all these Yantras and seen their results with our own eyes If a person use these Yantras with full faith, patience, concentration and regularity, his or her wishes are fulfilled immediately. A Yantra is more effective if it is made as per your date of birth.


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