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  • Eat Banana without peeling in front of everybody and say that it is good for health.
  • While going to the market laugh loudly and clap three times whenever you meet anybody and explain that it is good for heart.
And answer to the following question:-
  • If you were the richest person in world, what 5 things, would you do for the benefit of whole world ?
(The most STUPID suggestions and answers would be awarded a FREE membership to INC, A CERTIFICATE OF DE-MERIT and an honorary degree of DOCTORATE OF NONSENSICAL SCIENCES ). Most Useless entries would also be published in prominent Newspapers.
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  • Looking at the success of Hyundai SANTRO other car manufacturers are coming with the new names of their models as Maruti MALTO, Fiat FALUDO, Tata TOMATO, Mahindra PAPITO, Opel ORANGO, Mitsubishi BANANO, Daewoo KAILO..
  • Daughter, "Oh Daddy! I love Romesh so much that I want to marry him, but I also can't leave the mummy"
    Father, " don't worry, take your mummy along with you"
  • What is the life of a man ? - when he is born, his mother is congratulated. When he is married, his wife gets the present, When he dies, his insurance money is given to his wife.
  • A NEWS-: An American scientist has discovered that Indian women talk too much . And if they keep talking like that then the rates of gold in Dubai will shoot up and there will be floods in Assam next year.
  • Women can't do anything without men. See there is "Man" in "Woman", "Lad" in "Lady", 'He" In "She" and "Male in "Female".
  • Two doctors opened their shop in front of each others. The first one put up a banner saying that he was the doctor of that area. The second one put up a banner saying that he was the doctor of that city. The first one changed his banner saying that he was the doctor of whole country. The second one putup banner saying that he was the doctor of the President of that country. In response the first one put up a banner saying that “God save our president”
  • Why is it that people normally forget their date of birth but never the date of marriage?
    Answer- Tragedies are seldom forgotten.
  • “What will be the best time for asking your father for your hand” asked the boy.
    “when he is not wearing his shoes” replied girl.
  • Here is a cheque of one hundred.rupees in appreciation to your hard work” said the employer to his clerk “and if our company earns profit next year, I will sign on it then”.
  • A minister went to a mental hospital for inspection. “why have you come here” asked one of the patient. “I am the minister” he replied. “ Oh don’t worry, you will be alright, I also used to say the samething, when I came here” replied the patient.


  • Love is torture
    Which words can't just express
    Love is scandel
    With tears of pain and life disgraced
    Love makes your life insane
    Where many stand to lose ground
    Love plays this crazy game
    Where brain and soul die out in shame
    (Raja, Pudupet, Chennai)
  • Hanstey hanstey unki ankhon mein aa gaye aansu
    Aaj hamne hi mausam ko badaltey hue dekha hai
  • Meri hatheli ki lakiron se door ho tum
    Meri haathon ki pahunch se door ho tum
    Phir bhi dil yai maanta nahin ki kisi gair ki amaanat ho tum
  • In the morning sun, a bud forms in a plant
    By afternoon it becomes flower and offers itself to the drone
    In the evening the flower withers and everybody leave it alone
    That’s the story of our life-the childhood, the youth and the old age
  • Tumhari yeh Jheel si neeli aankhen
    Mera dil dewana kar jati hain
    Kya karoon aashiq ho gaya hoon
    Aawara ho gaya hoon main
    To phir is dil ka tadapana jayaz hai
    Kyonki diwana ho gaya hoon main.
    (Rajat - Roorki)


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